Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, June 11, 2012

I Am Waving the White Flag!

Remember how I complained yesterday about my kids running to the bathroom every 5 minutes due to a smoothie maker accidentally giving my wild beasts precious angels fat burners?

Well, those shenanigans continued until bedtime.
And, in the morning, I was so relieved that we were all feeling better and could attend swim lessons and the gym.

We loaded us all up in the car, argued about who got to sit in the back booster and who got to sit in the middle booster, fastened seat belts, buckled car seats, passed back waters, and started the car.

Only, it didn't start. I sighed. I may have groaned too.
I looked to my right.

I realized in order to make swim lessons on time, we would need to drive 
the monstrous beast sitting in the parking spot next to me. 
Willie's truck.
So, I ran back into the house, grabbed the right keys, and switched car seats over to his giant truck.

We made it to swim lessons! And almost on time!

The kids LOVED swimming and all 3 floated well.

We got ready from there to go to the gym.

I got all 3 kids in the car, passed back snacks and off we went in Willie's RV.

We got to the gym. I gave the lecture about good behavior in child care and holding hands in the parking lot.

We got out of the car and started to walk in. I looked down.

I was wearing flip flops. 
To the gym.
To actually work out.

So, we got back into the beast and went home.

And we all took a good nap while the AAA guy installed a new battery.

And mama had a glass of wine.

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