Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Updates of All Kinds

First, on baby Copeland:
Here's a quick Copeland update... We haven't talked to them this morning, so not sure how last night was. Yesterday was a good day though! He is breathing well on his own. Kim was able to go visit yesterday and was there when they removed some of his IVs!! YAY for getting rid of some wires!! He has shown some signs of improving, including trying to say a few words :) They said that it will take some time, as his body is VERY sore from being intubated and from the CPR. He needs time to heal. Please continue to pray for his tiny body to recover and for 100% recovery of brain function! The doctors are saying that this sweet baby is nothing short of a miracle and that everything lined up just right (timely CPR, ambulance, etc.) for him to pull through.... Praises to our Father! The Startups have said that they can feel the prayers and are grateful for them! Please continue to pray for comfort for them and for Copeland's complete healing!

Such great news!! Please continue to pray!!

Onto some Other news...
The Orioles released Willie today. It is the first time he has ever been released. We certainly thought it was coming in April, when Willie had a rough month. May was a GREAT month for Willie. June has not started out so great.

So, Willie is on a flight back to Virginia, where we are SUPER excited to see him!
We will wait here to see what is next! 
I can tell you one thing though...we are happy, excited, and anxious to see where God will place us next. We will sit in the passenger seat and let God direct our paths! 
{And, if you know me, I am more of a "tell-you-how-to-drive" kinda girl so this part is my work in progress!}

So, please pray for patience for us and for the path God wants us to take to be LOUD and CLEAR! 
We aren't good at making guesses! :)


MegnHarry said...

Just got caught up on your blog and the whole fat burner story was hilarious! I only laughed after I read that everyone was ok of course! :-) glad everyone is feeling better, Copeland is doing better, and we will surely keep y'all in our prayers!

Eric & Kaycee said...

We have been praying for sweet Copeland, and will also keep you all in our prayers! Hoping that everything will work out how it is meant to!


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