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Family of Eyres
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Crazy Week

Willie left for Spring Training on Saturday and I didn't realize just how crazy this week was going to be. I fully realized that we were all going to go through transitions into our new normal.

I knew Jackson would misbehave at he does each time Willie leaves for spring.
He's such a good kid but he does not like changes.
However, we have never said aloud that his behavior is due to Daddy being gone. It's just not acceptable. He will adjust...hopefully, soon!
Parker has been more wild this week, acting like a caged monkey who has just escaped.
He has been the sweetest child though, needing some extra snuggle time and LOTS of hugs!
I am hoping this monkey will get back into the cage as he adjusts.
Lily has been the same little demanding child. :) She's not adjusting too much, but every once in a while, she will burst into tears and say she misses her daddy.

{For the record, Lily chose her socks and hat. Some things aren't worth arguing with a 3-yr old over.}
And I am going through the not-enough-time-in-my-day syndrome. The laundry and housework are mostly getting done but the kids' sports schedules are driving me batty this week.
We have been at a baseball field or at church for CCD every night.
I love that they are involved but I am disliking the late bedtimes.
The good news is that next week, our nightly schedule is pretty free.

Willie is doing well in Sarasota.
He came home for a quick visit early in the week and plans to come back for another tomorrow. He has been very busy with baseball, of course.

We are proud of Willie and how hard he works! We know that baseball is a sacrifice for all of us, but to have my husband truly enjoying what he does for living makes it worth it!

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adorable blog! your family is so cute!


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