Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Kids in the Car

Parker cracks me up.
I am trying to remember to blog the funny stories...I keep putting them on Facebook but that won't go into these books for us to remember later!

In the car: Where the best stories come from...
I am so thankful we didn't to get the DVD players in the headrests!

Lily: "Parker, I bigger than you. I free. (Three)

Parker: "Did you hear that? Everyone, please buy my sister. She is free!"

Here's another from Willie's car:

{I should mention that we have called the kids Meatballs forever. It's just a funny name we use.}

Jackson: "Dad, what is Italian food?"
Willie: "It is like pizza, or spaghetti or meatballs."
Parker: "I am a meatball...I had no idea I was Italian."

Another one:
Lily is trying to convince me that she is the biggest in our family.
She just said "I'm the biggest because I have the biggest mouth."

So true my dear but you are still tiny...with a big mouth.

Also, somewhere along the way, the kids have come to the conclusion that boobs are called hips. We don't have a lot of conversations about boobs. I just avoid anything about it because I don't like to be embarrassed. LOL.

Parker: "Lily, when you get older, you are going to have big hips too!"
Lily: "Yes, just like mommy!"

It was then that I explained there is a difference between hips and boobs.
Lily: "Parker, I'm going to have big hips AND big boobs when I get bigger!"

{Note to self: Stop all eating at once.}

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