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Family of Eyres
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

On This Day...

9 years ago, I went out with some girlfriends for much needed night on the town.

I was on spring break from my job as a second grade teacher.

First, we stopped at a local Ale House and talked and ate.
I distinctly remember one friend mentioning that she would like a boyfriend.
And I said: "They are such a waste of time. I get a boyfriend, and I have no time for ME. No time for the gym, no free time!! I'm over it."

Then, we went to Bennigan's, for some drinks and more chit chatting.

Evidently, this hot guy in the blue shirt held the door opened for us.
I wasn't paying attention.

So, we sat down and talked and boy-watched; I mentioned this HOT guy in the blue shirt.

While I wasn't paying attention, one of my girlfriends went over and talked to a guy in a blue shirt.
She brought him over to our table...guess they were trying to set me up?

See, the problem was..this WAS NOT the hot guy in the blue shirt I was talking about.
I said "Hello" and tried to be polite. Then, the HOT guy in the blue shirt came over. He and normal guy in blue shirt were friends.

He said: "Hi, I'm Willie."
I said: "Hi, I'm Rachel."

And THAT, folks is how I met the HOT guy in the blue shirt, who is now my husband.

9 years ago today...

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