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Family of Eyres
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guilt Over A Trip

We're going on a trip...

Just those rowdy boys and I will be taking a trip to see Willie.

Lily will be staying with grandma and living it up, I am quite certain!

We will certainly miss her but know that sometimes, these boys need some alone time too.

We will obviously be taking in some baseball games from here...

And on my list of possibilities for fun while we are out there for our short visit:

1. The Zoo...
2. Funderland, the amusement park designed for kids 2-12...
3. And Fairytale town, which has attractions consistent with the bedtime stories and such.
{I think we may save this one for May, with our little Miss!}

We are so excited!
Well, I am excited.
The boys...they don't know yet.
I'll tell them once we get to the airport.

{I am feeling so incredibly guilty for not bringing Lily with us. I know this will make it easier on me and make it so the boys can do things geared for their age. But, I still feel terrible.
I keep telling myself that I brought her last year and left the boys home with grandma, so now it's their turn. But that doesn't really help the guilt. *sigh*}

1 comment:

Taylin said...

Don't worry about it! Have fun! She probably thinks that she will be having ALL the fun by staying at Grandma's house . . . by herself! And like you said sometimes kids need some alone time (or just mom and the boys time.) Enjoy every minute!


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