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Family of Eyres
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These Kids May be Naughty But...

they sure are funny!

Jackson was looking at Willie's bracelet that he wears all the time.
He was telling them that it means...
Jesus came here to save us.
He died on the cross.
He was buried.
He rose from the dead.
And He will come again.

The last part was one Jackson had questions about.
"When Jesus comes here, will He come into our house?"

Willie: "I don't know."
Jackson: "Well, that's okay. Maybe we can see Him in a parade?"

I think Jackson may be a little confused with Santa here.
But, I like that he's thinking about Jesus.

1 comment:

Taylin said...

I have never seen a bracelet like that before! Love it!
Don't you love the cute things kids say?! The things they come up with just baffles me!


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