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Family of Eyres
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Did They Plan to Be Naughty?

Do you ever have those days where you feel like it's all closing in on you?

I swear yesterday was that day.

I had alot that I wanted to get done.

And the kids were fighting...mostly the boys, with an occasional scream from a disgruntled little sister.

I tried all of the tricks...

I separated the boys after 100 time-outs didn't work.
{So, I may have exaggerated there but it sure felt like that.}

They couldn't entertain themselves. And I couldn't entertain all of them at one time in separate rooms. It's impossible, right?

So, I decided we would get some energy out by going outside.
The boys rode their scooters and Lily rode her powerwheel.

The boys ended up in time-out there, as they continued to ride past where I could see them, after the 3 billion reminders. {I'm pretty sure that number is accurate.}

So, I decided to bring them up to the park in our neighborhood.
The boys ended up in time-out there as well.

So, we came home.

And, I promptly passed the buck to Willie, who took over quite nicely.

While I fell into our bed and concentrated on the silence in our bedroom.

And, when I could hear them again, I drove to my favorite place.

Publix. The grocery store.

And I shopped in silence.
Or at least the only sounds of children were ones I was not responsible for.

And while I am thankful for these little monsters miracles, I am also thankful for a school day today.

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