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Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Question...

I am trying to take a poll here...

At what age do you allow your children to go play outside, by themselves?

I can remember my mom letting us play outside without her having to be out there watching us.

But, I can't remember at what age that was?

Jackson has a whole slew of friends on our street from his school.
He is outside everyday playing, after his homework is done.
We live in a gated community and on a road with a cul-de-sac on the end.
We are out there each day with him and Parker and Lily.

We don't think Parker and Lily can be allowed to play outside by themselves so if they want to play, we'll be out there.

So, tell me what you think.
Is there a certain criteria you think would need to be met to be outside?
After all, each child is different.

Thanks for your help!!

At What Age Should Children Be Allowed to Play Outside Without Constant Supervision?
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1 comment:

Mike and Meg said...

I have no clue. I do want to say that Jackson acts very smart and mature.


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