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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Get Cranky When I Can't Eat


The holidays really got me into some bad habits.

And I am trying to stop this whole Eat-what-you-want mentality.

So, I started journaling my food and counting my calories.

And, while I don't know how bad I was doing before, I DO know that it must have been VERY bad!
I feel like I am starving myself.

I am not, so please don't host an intervention or send me to rehab or forcefeed me Twix bars.
Oh yum, Twix bars sound Fabulous right now!!


Okay, back to this post.
So, I am determined to lose some weight. I have a number in mind but will be happy just feeling healthier.

So, anyone want to join in on this? I know so many people read this blog...I can see you in my stats! :-)
So, don't be shy! Chirp in with your best tip for weight loss. Or just healthier lifestyle.

My best tip is a food journal/calorie counting.
I am someone who needs to be accountable.


Taylin said...

I know what you mean!! The journal sounds like an awesome idea. I will get started right away, well at least when I finish this candy bar and soda ;)For the longest time I would be so concerned about a certain size I want to get down to. At this point, I just want to FEEL healthy. Good Luck!

Jenn said...

One of my many new years resolutions is to NOT eat in the car. I tend to make bad decisions when I allow myself to eat in the car. So if I swear I won't eat until I get home and can sit at a table, I will hopefully make better decisions. I have so far this year (12 days) but it would be hard to get fast food and not eat the fries, right?

Chris and Tara Stanley said...

I really want to lose some weight too. I was actually just thinking today about writing down everything I eat.
My problem is finding time to work out. I don't know how people with kids manage it. Especially a kid like mine who doesn't nap well.

meagen said...

Rachel, I can't imagine you needing to lose any run like everyday! Thats should be enough right? I have no advice or tips bc nothing works..and my body is alien and doesn't respond to anything normal. I breathe wrong and gain 10 lbs

Jessica said...

Rachel, I have finally lost all my baby weight (about darn time since my baby is almost 3). I had exercised and thought I was eating well but not logging my food. Its literally made all the difference in the world. A good friend of mine who is a trainer gave me this website, Totally free and logs exercise, food, water. It has proven to totally help me wonders! If you decide to use this let me know because we can "be friends" and weigh in on the same days and see what each other is eating..... My friend started it with me but it only lasted a couple weeks for her!!! I love it! Good Luck!!

Karen said...

Hey Rachel, unless you have become a pro at photoshop, you are delirious, I have seen recent pics and you look fabulous! But the way I keep myself from overeating is that I have made it a constant habit to brush my teeth. I carry toothpaste and brush with me when out also, so as soon as I eat something, I'm immediately brushing my teeth. Who wants to eat right after brushing??!!! Anyway, it works for me. :-)

Lindsey said...

Keep it up with the journal! I was keeping a journal and it really kept me in check. For some reason I stopped and have been eating horribly ever since :-( Love your motivation!

~Rachel said...

Love the tips girls! I will be checking out the website Jess!!
And Meagan-I actually gained weight while training for my half marathon. Running may burn alot of calories but I get SO hungry that I was eating everything in sight! I will get back into the running soon, now that I am logging my food!
The food journal is great! -4 pounds this week!


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