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Family of Eyres
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Roller Rink

On Saturday, the boys had a birthday party to attend.
It was at the roller skating rink and it was their first time skating...or attempting it.

Willie and I helped without skates on, which I think was the key.
Or else, we'd all be on the ground.
{Parker and his friend Marin, from school- I think he may have a little crush}

Lily was with us, WITHOUT skates {don't worry mom}.

By the end of it, Jackson was begging me to let him go around by himself.

And I let him.
And I realized just how much that little boy is growing up.

I watched him go around the roller rink, slowly, then faster.

He'd wobble, catch himself, wobble some more.

Then he'd fall and get himself back up.

And I realized how much this was representing his life...

I have to allow him to fly a little and watch over as he makes some mistakes...
and learns to fix them.

I have to realize that he is going to have to learn some things for himself.
{Though just a little right now}


I think it was easier when I could just baby-proof everything.

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Krista said...

Too cute! You and Willie are amazing parents!! xoxox


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