Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Got 'Em!

Well, we have had a pesky alligator out here on our pond since about the time Willie got home.

Anytime the boys go out to fish, the alligator would run right over to the bank on our lawn.

He wasn't overly big but it worried us with the kids
and the fact that this alligator seemed VERY interested in people.

So, our neighbors had been concerned as well.
They called the Alligator Trappers and the guys made it out here.

So, first, they put down some music for the gator. It was like a chanting noise.
The alligator high-tailed it over to our lawn.

Then, they cast their fishing line around him and he began the alligator roll.

This tied him up and they pulled him to the lawn.

He was 5 feet long and still scary to me.
The trappers take him to another place to be harvested.

We were able to see in the bed of their truck, where there were 4 other alligators.
One was 9 ft long and terrifying.
They started hissing at us, so we thought that was enough of that viewing.

It was neat for the kids to watch (and us adults too).
And while we know there are other alligators out there,
we aren't too concerned with the smaller ones.

Just another day in our backyard!

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