Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Who's That Baseball Player?

Oh My!!

Would you look at whose turn it is to go to work with daddy today?
Isn't he just scrumptious in his baseball outfit?
{Yes, I know, it's not an outfit. But this is my blog and I can call it whatever I like...
could have called it a costume.}

He is in for a day of hanging with the guys, eating fun food
{Like chocolate milk and ice cream},
and running around the field.

He will be hitting during batting practice on the field.
He will be chasing flyballs from the "Big Guy" baseball players.
He will be practicing his pitching, with his left hand, since that is what he does.
He will be exhausted..
It is 105 here today so I am assuming that, much like his big brother,
he will be asking to go inside to cool off.
Today is Parker's Day!


Amanda said...

I have a feeling he might be playing soccer too. Mr. Brandon loves a good soccer match with the little Eyres

Dustin and Carrie..... said...

That's Parker?? The whole time I was reading it I thought it was Jackson then at the end you said It's Parker's day:) I had to look at the picture again, lol. He's gotten so tall!! So cute!! Hope he has tons of fun and it's sooo hot out there!!


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