Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, September 9, 2013

These kids!

The kids keep us so busy with their activities, sports, and schoolwork. The things they say crack us up too!

Jackson and Willie driving home from school:
Willie:"What did you do at recess today?"
Jackson:"I talked to Natalie."
Willie:" What did you talk about?"
Jackson:"You know how she was my girlfriend in first grade? Turns out we never broke up."
😳 Um, not ready for that!

We went to the high school football game on Friday! Parker sat and watched the whole thing while Jackson and Lily played with some kids they met. He was so into the game! Then he asked: "What inning are we in Dad?" Haha!!

Lily sees me outside watching the kids play basketball one evening and says "Um, mommy, you didn't work out today!"
Jeez, I take one day off! :)

Lily's conversation in the car:
L: "Mommy, how do you fire someone?"
Me:" I don't know. Why? Who do you want to fire?"
L: "Parker. He never plays house with me."

And the real kicker....

We are at a party and Lily is crying that her belly hurts. I take her to the bathroom and tell her she has to go poopy. She is in a lot of pain, as she is crying a lot. She says "No, I don't have to poop. It hurts because there is a baby in there."
Poor thing...she's in pain and I laughed like a hyena.
(Evidently she is still pregnant, a no baby appeared at the party.)

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MegnHarry said...

These all made me laugh so hard!!!! Kids are so funny.


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