Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, September 9, 2013

My Buddy

Parker is impulsive. He acts without thinking most of the time. It makes for some funny stories but this time, he scared us pretty good.
Our neighbor was giving Parker a ride on the golf cart. Parker jumped off as he was asking him to stop. Most people would ask to stop, WAIT for the cart to stop, and then jump off. But Parker is not like most people.:)
His bump on his head from hitting the pavement looked bad, but we watched him closely rather than rush him in to the ER. He started complaining of a headache and then refused dinner. I knew something was up since that kid does not turn down food. He asked to go to bed instead?
I decided to bring him in. He started getting sick in the car on our drive over to the hospital so I knew I made the right choice then.
He had a cat scan and everything with that turned out fine. He has a grade 2 concussion though so no PE, recess, or sports for a week. We are also taking the day off of school today so I can monitor him. He gave us quite a scare! Love that boy!

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