Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mean Mom

Well, it seems I am the mean mom around these parts!

The other day, while at the boys' baseball practice, Lily told a new friend:
"My mom usually says no and my daddy ALWAYS says yes to me."

And last night, we had a late night with friends over for the firepit. The kids did not get to bed until around midnight and were still up at six. I let them play in the morning but insisted on an afternoon nap (for all of us!)
Here is what Parker thought of the fact that the neighborhood friends didn't have to nap...

Parker: "Owen and Leila's parents don't make them take a nap, even when they don't get a lot of sleep!"
Me:"Well I'm not their mom. You have to nap today."
Parker: "Seems like they are a little bit nicer than you."
Me:"Maybe. You can give them a call and see if you can live with them instead?"
Parker:"Nah, I guess I'll stick around here."

I'll be looking for my "Mean Mom" Award to come in the mail!😃

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