Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day With Lily

Lily and I spent the morning together. First, we went to dance class. On the way there, Lily said "You guys never listen to me!" Oh the drama mama!
After that, we went to Costco where the snowbirds were out on full force. I may have mentioned the older lady in front of me driving horribly. To which, Lily said "Yeah, I bet she doesn't have her license." Interesting thought!!
And then, Lily and I had the "Where do babies come from" talk at the ripe age of 4!
Lily:" When is our next baby coming?"
Me:"We aren't having any more babies Lily!"
Lily:"Yes! If you start eating a lot, you will have a baby!"
Me:"That's not how a baby comes!"
Lily:"Then how?"
Me: "God decides you need a baby and he gives you one. But, God already told me that we have the perfect amount of kids so no more!"
That worked...for now!

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