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Family of Eyres
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Monday, April 30, 2012


This beauty is really full of drama! I am NOT looking forward to the teenage years!

I came to pick her up from school and evidently, she changed her name to Pam.

She told her teachers that she was Pam now.
All of her friends were calling her Pam.
When her teachers called Lily Eyre to go play outside, Lily stayed sitting in line.
Her teacher said: "Lily Eyre, I called you to go play. Why are you still in line?"
Lily: "No, you called Yi-wee(Lily). I Pam."

So, she went by Pam all day long!

For the record, we aren't exactly sure where she got the name Pam.

When I picked her up and heard this story, I cried from laughing so hard!

I asked her "Why did you change your name to Pam?"
Lily: "There's another Yiwee (Lily) in my class. I don't want there to be another Yiwee. So, I Pam now."

As we left, all of the little girls were shouting out "Bye Pam!!"


The next day, her teacher asked her "Are you Lily or Pam now?"

She folded her arms over her chest and said "I Yiwee. My mom said I had to change it back."

Oh girl! I didn't tell you that. How funny is she??

1 comment:

Taylin said...

"Pam" sounds like a funny girl!! My Chloe changes her name a lot too! Sometimes I feel like changing my name too!


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