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Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I started my teaching position this week and it is awesome! The first day was hectic and crazy, as I wasn't supposed to start yet. The teacher I am taking over for went into labor a day earlier than we had planned. So, it was a bit of a "blind Monday," but we managed fine. Tuesday, we all came into school ready to learn. It was really a GREAT day in the classroom!

I am so glad that I have this position. It has really brought back that love of teaching I had from so long ago. I am excited to see how the rest of the year plays out and how next year does as well.

With all of the excitement comes, exhaustion. Seriously, I fell asleep last night by 7:15, right after I tucked my own kids in bed. Maintaining a household, being a mama, and working full time is exhausting. I am sure it will get easier after this week {Or maybe not?}

We typically leave the house by 6:50 a.m, which means I wake up the kids at 6.
{Unless you are Parker, who wakes up by 5:30 every day.}
I drive Jackson to my friend's house so she can drive him to school. {His school starts later than mine does.}
Then, I drop Lily and Parker off at preschool at 7:15 and scoot over to my school by 7:30.
HECTIC, but the kids are doing well! Waking them up is not always fun. Lily has started pulling the covers over her head and saying "Not now. I sleeping." She is my sleeper!

And, because things don't always flow smoothly,  on day 2, my friend who drives Jackson to school, had a puking kid. So we needed to make an adjustment there. Luckily, I live on the greatest road in the best neighborhood and my neighbor took him for me.

Today is day 3 and time for me to get ready! I am so excited to see how the day will go!

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MegnHarry said...

I can't imagine how exhausted you are! I stay at home with 1 child and I can't function without coffee, but glad you are getting to do something you love!


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