Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt

Our neighbor planned her annual Easter Egg Hunt and we were able to attend this year!

It was quite a bit of fun! It was in the dark, with 300+ glow stick bracelets.

SO, the kids on our road, armed with flashlights and their Easter Baskets, ran off to find the eggs at the soccer field!

Parker and Jackson were off before I could even get a picture and HAD A BLAST!
{Reminder: Jackson is not a fan of the camera right now.}

Lily found a couple eggs and then decided she wanted bracelets!
So, she spent her time collecting those!

What a fun event!
This picture cracks me up. You see, Lily has a crush on our neighbor Brayden. LOVES him!
We were trying to get a picture of the two of them when Parker runs over to get into the mix.
And I can bet that Willie is proud, since (a)he says Lily is not dating until she is 30 years old and (b) he tells the boys that they need to watch over her.


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MegnHarry said...

Can I just say that I want to move to your neighborhood!!! You always have the coolest things going on around there....sounds like an awesome place to live!


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