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Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lily Made the News

Lily made some headlines with her attempt at swimming yesterday...

{This wasn't the way we wanted her to make her news debut.
And I am not sure where the timeframe of 5-6 seconds came up, as that is clearly not the case...}

Orioles' Willie Eyre relieved after daughter involved in pool accident

For a few hours on Tuesday, Orioles right-hander Willie Eyre and his wife experienced a parent’s worst nightmare.

Luckily, everything turned out OK after Eyre’s 3-year-old daughter, Lily, fell into a hotel pool and was under water for about “five or six” seconds before Eyre’s wife retrieved her. Lily never lost consciousness and passed several tests at a local hospital.

“The whole thing was more scary, I think, than anything,” said Eyre, who pitched in 19 games with the Orioles last year and is in camp on a minor-league deal. “My wife is pretty shook up. Everything seems to be good now. (Lily) slept good through the night. And we woke her up every hour or so just to make sure she was responding. I think she was more mad we were waking her up.”

Eyre said Lily, the youngest of his three kids, had been in the pool previously, wearing floaties on her arms but had come out and was coloring when she accidentally colored on herself.

“She colored on her leg a little and told mommy she wanted to get it off. And (Eyre’s wife) is like, ‘We’ll get it off.’ I guess that meant (to Lily that) she was going to go do it herself,” Eyre said. “So she went back to the pool and my wife turned around to get some stuff from a bag, and she turned back around and my middle son child, Parker, yelled, “Mommy, Mommy, Lily is under water.” So then she went and got her.”
Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Eyre will pitch in Saturday’s split squad game in Fort Myers, where the Eyre family lives, and then he’s been told he can stay with his family at his home on Sunday and Monday’s off day before returning to the team.
Link to article here

Another Article:

Eyre talks about his daughter

SARASOTA, Fla. - If you want to see a reliever with a look of relief on his face, check out Willie Eyre today.

Eyre was given quite a scare yesterday when informed that his 3-year-old daughter, Lily, had fallen into a hotel pool and was being rushed to a local hospital. Eyre was told during warmups to call his wife, and she gave him the news.

"Everything kind of stopped for me. It was surreal," he said this morning.

"I got to the hospital and, I won't say she was hysterical, but she was not happy. She was crying, she was very worried. My wife said, 'You don't have to come,' and I was like, 'Come on.' I changed real quick, got dressed and drove over there."

Doctors at Sarasota Memorial checked her blood and chest. Her breathing sounded fine, but she had an air bubble in her lungs.

"We were lucky there was no water in her lungs," Eyre said. "We were there for two or three hours to make sure she was OK. It was more scary than anything. My wife's pretty shook up. But everything seems to be good now. She slept good through the night. We woke her up every hour to make sure she was responding. She was more mad that we were waking her up."

Lily, the youngest of Eyre's three children, was coloring by the pool and wanted to wash off her leg.

"She told mommy she wanted to get it off and my wife said, 'We'll get it off.' I guess that meant she would go and do it herself," Eyre said.

His wife, Rachel, turned to retrieve something from a bag, and her 5-year-old son, Parker, yelled, 'Mommy, mommy, Lily's under water.'"

Eyre said Lily was in the pool for five or six seconds. "Long enough to spook you," he said.

"She came up and my wife said she was really scared, she was crying, and she spit up some water, but luckily nothing got in her lungs. She never lost consciousness. She seems to be normal now. She'll be fine.

"We were coming back from dinner last night and we were in the parking lot and just out of no where she goes, 'Mommy, thanks for getting me out of the water.' It was kind of a crushing blow. But we'll be fine. We'll get some mental toughness out of this and get stronger through it and be better parents because of it."

Link to Article here

We are so thankful for all of the people that have reached out to us in prayer for our daughter and for our family. We are humbled by all of the texts, phone calls, and messages online we have received...many from complete strangers.

Lily and her brothers are cherished and we hope this can only help us and others to be more careful near the water.

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