Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Willie's Neighborhood Going Away Party

We had a potluck firepit party last Friday for our friends to say goodbye to Willie.
It started as a small gathering of neighbors and turned into a bigger event!
It happened to be a lot of fun and we didn't get into bed until 3 a.m!
And, the kids were up by 6, so this mama was exhausted!
This is the first year I have even considered having a farewell shindig.
In the years past, I have been so very sad at the thought of Willie leaving for spring training in Arizona. We went a month at a time without seeing him.
This year, Willie will be just up the road in Sarasota (hour drive) so we plan to see him each week. So, I am sad that our off-season has come to an end but realize just how fortunate we are!

1 comment:

MegnHarry said...

Oh to have matt an hour away......What a blessing that would be!!!! Enjoy!!


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