Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Now that Major League Spring Training is in full swing,
don't go forgetting about these tough up-and-comers,
who are already into their little league season!!

Jackson plays for the Rockhounds. His team is a minor league 7-8 age group.
Their coach pitches to them and they are out with 3 strikes.
He is learning so much with this team and the coaches are really doing a great job!
Parker plays for the Cubs. His team is at the t-ball/coach pitch level.
Their coach pitches to them and if they don't hit it after 4 or so tries, they pull out the tee.
They don't strike out yet but they are out on the bases if the other team gets them out.
He is loving it too and we are so lucky with his coach.
Coach Brad is a good friend of ours and is coaching Parker for the second year!

And Lily is a trooper.
I am going to have to remind the boys of this when I start dragging them to her dance recitals and practices next year!
She sits through 3 hours of games.
Now, she eats the entire time we are there, but she still stays entertained.

I may need to get her something fun to play while she sits...any tips?

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