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Family of Eyres
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Have A Team

Well, I said yesterday that I wanted it to be the day.
I am impatient.

God knew that I was stressed. I was more anxious than stressed. I wanted things to happen.
I totally believe in my husband and without a doubt, I knew he would land a job somewhere.
When Team A came up in talks, I just wanted it SO bad! It fit the criteria I wanted.

So, yesterday, Team A offered us a deal. And we took it!

Tomorrow, Willie flies out to Norfolk, VA to be a part of the Baltimore Orioles organization.
He will start out in AAA.
We are thrilled! This team is a fit, based on location.
Their AAA team and major league team is on East Coast time.
{This may seem like such a minor detail but I have barely been able to talk to my family due to the time difference and our baseball schedule.}
We will now live less than 4 hours from my younger brother!
And when Willie gets called up, we will be 15 minutes away!

Spring training is in Sarasota, FL...40 minutes from our home!

So, while we know we could end up anywhere for next season, we are excited about this year.

What I really want to tell you is this...


You see, we put our faith in God. We basically quit our job with the belief that God wanted us to be elsewhere. We have 3 children and a mortgage and we ended our job and health insurance after praying and knowing God wanted us to be somewhere else.

This was big. Big for us, who normally take the "safe" route. I am not saying that we should always throw caution to the wind and wait for God to provide. God was telling us to move on. He sent us many signs and we listened. And, honestly, we felt such peace with our choice.

God is amazing. I truly hope you put all your eggs in God's basket. He has a plan.


Kelly said...

CONGRATS ON THE NEW TEAM!!! God is SO good!!! It's amazing what He can do in our lives if we just let Him!! Have a fab rest of the season!!!! And good luck with the move!

This Daddy said...

AWESOME. That is so great. I grew up watching and loving the OrangeBirds. I am happy for him as a player and for you guys as a family. I will keep an eye out on them know. I do have to say I was once again pulling for the Braves to get you guys but whatever..

Liz said...

Welcome to the Orioles organization. I hope you will love it as much as we have! We've been connected before through Nicole's blog and I think u have been to mine also. I was just watching the O's Pregame and they had positive things to say about your husband - looks as though we could be seeing you soon!! Hope you join us here in Baltimore - the ladies are like one big family!! :)


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