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Family of Eyres
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Step 1 Done!

Willie left yesterday morning and I spent the rest of the day organizing stuff to pack, stuff to donate, and stuff to ship home. I figured out the arrangements for Theodore, our furry family member, to get to Virginia. I thought I had the car situation figured out.

The car people wanted to pick it up today. That means, that I would have to have it packed and ready by last night. That also equals no television, no toys, and no car for the next 2 days. So, with 3 kids and LOTS more to still do, I told the company no until Saturday or later. I was trying so hard to get it all done and I just couldn't be ready by this morning.

Willie was the one that told me to just wait on the car.
I sometimes need his voice of reason when I am in my "I am Supermom/wife mode."
I tend to put way more on myself than I can handle.

This morning, Theodore was picked up by the pet moving company, We Move Pets.
They picked him up in this big van/truck thing:
{Picture taken from company website}
The surprise to me was that there was no partition between the driver and the dogs in the crates in the back! I asked him if he wore earplugs! He said the dogs all calm down once they start driving. Theodore was reluctant to get in but I think he will be just fine!
He will arrive in Virginia on Monday or Tuesday.
I asked if they took kids but they don't.
Perhaps I need to look into We Move Kids?

1 comment:

MegnHarry said...

I hope you got Ron! Dixie loved Ron!!! And I also loved him when I called every day to check on her and he never yelled at me for it :-)


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