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Family of Eyres
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank You Irene!

Well, Hurricane Irene came and went with very little drama over here!

The games were postponed for the day so we spent our morning walking around our little neighborhood here in Federal Hill.
We showed Willie around and went to eat at a local coffee shop.
Then, we went to get some treats from a local doggie store.
That was when we watched the storm clouds roll in.
So, we quickly started our walk back when the rain started falling!
We did a family sprint back! So much fun!

We got dried off up in our apartment and looked for ways to stay entertained.
The cable is STILL not working since we moved in and the apartment complex and comcast are duking it out over it.
Meanwhile, we have gone 10 days without television.
I am impressed with how we have done,
except for the fact that the kids are OBSESSED with the movie "Rio," and watch it daily.

Parker opted to try spinning around for entertainment.
He quickly learned that this was not a good choice as the coffee table won the fight..

So, we ordered in Chinese food and spent the day really hanging out with each other!
It was relaxing and EXACTLY what we needed after our crazy month!


MegnHarry said...

Glad to hear everything went good your way!

Liz said...

Wasn't it so nice for Irene to give us an unplanned off day? She must have known how badly we all needed a family day :)

Glad you found Spoons - it was our favorite when we lived over there...


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