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Family of Eyres
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stay Away, I Think Mother Nature Is Out For Us!

Do you remember last year when we were in Oklahoma City and had that terrible hailstorm that damaged our car? It ended up in the shop for 45 days, which was fun and all!

We had tornado warnings and watches throughout the summer and a lot of crazy storms.

This year's bad weather started a few days ago. We had an earthquake here in Baltimore!
We are on the third floor of our VERY old apartment building
(which used to be a high school, but we will discuss that at another time.)

The shaking began and I will be honest, I was scared. Really scared.
The pictures were swinging against the wall. The plants were swaying.
At first, I thought a truck ran into our building.
I yelled for Jackson to get his shoes on and Parker to put some clothes on.

Then, it stopped.

I ran into the hallway and saw a neighbor. She said she felt it too. So, I guess I wasn't crazy.
She was scared as well. We agreed to meet in the middle of hallway if the shaking started again.

I immediately went online and saw that it was an earthquake.

That night, I made sure everyone wore pajamas to bed, not just underwear, in case we had to run out of the building. I put our shoes and my purse by the door, along with Theodore's leash.

But, it was calm.

Apparently, there was either an aftershock or another earthquake altogether last night that was 4.5 on the scale. I slept like a baby through that one.
{I am sure that doesn't surprise Willie since I sleep like a rock!}

Now, Irene...dear Irene! We are in your path.
We are supposed to get hit and it could be pretty bad.

So, let me get this straight, Mother Nature?

We leave California and get hit with an earthquake In Baltimore?
Now, we aren't in our home in Florida and we are getting hit with a hurricane?

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