Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Changes Are Coming...

On Sunday afternoon, Willie will take the field for the last time as a Sacramento Rivercat.
At least, for the last time this year...
you never know what may happen with baseball in the years ahead.

Willie had an out in his contract at the end of June.
We opted to stay with the organization and keep talking to other teams.

Willie has an out in his contract now as well. And we will be exercising this right on Sunday. We just feel like it is time to move on.
Willie is meant to be in the big leagues
and if we remain here for the rest of the year, that opportunity will not present itself.

We are excited and at peace with our choice to look elsewhere.
We don't know what to expect out of this chance we are taking.
We don't know where we will end up.
We don't know if the opportunity to be in the big leagues with another team will happen now.

What we DO know is that we have an amazing GOD! He has a plan for us and we are jumping off the side into the unknown, fully believing that we will be just fine.


Mei said...

Wishing the best of luck to you guys!! God is so good, and I trust in His plan for you - both as a family, and in baseball. I'll look forward to seeing what happens with your man as far as his career goes! But, I'm sure baseball is in his future. Just wanting to send out some good vibes - from one baseball other half, to another ...

MegnHarry said...

Gail told me about all of this-she saw it on Facebook.....which I still don't have! Any who...I think this is absolutely the best decision for y'all bc I agree that Willie is better than AAA! I will say a prayer that everything works out just fabulous for y'all and keep us losers with no Facebook (prob just me) up to date! Good luck girl!


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