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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, as you know, I am homeschooling the kids this month.
And, two weeks in, I can say it is going quite well!

I have really been looking for every opportunity to teach them something new.
We have been outside, watching the snails in the morning.
We have talked about every street sign, what they mean, and how we follow rules.
We have sang songs, talked about God, and learned about some of the game of baseball's rules.

Jackson reads to us daily and he works on answering reading comprehension questions.
He does addition and subtraction and works from a 1-2nd grade workbook.
(He is going into 1st grade.)
{DISCLAIMER: Jackson would not allow his picture to be taken for this blog post.}

Parker works on writing his alphabet and his numbers.
He can recognize every letter and every number.
He knows all of the sounds they make and can write his full name.
I would love to get some more insight onto how to teach him to write properly,
as he is left handed and I am not.
(He is going into Pre-Kindergarten)

Lily works on colors and shape recognition.
We have tried working on tracing but she likes to go about that her own way
and we can't help but giggle.
Mostly, we work on holding her pencil or crayon right and coloring.
And, we are working on potty training.
(Lily is 2)

Meanwhile, I am taking a class for my teaching certification.
I am using the tips to managing a classroom on them!
So far, I will say, it is working great!
We walk in a straight line into the gym, complete with a line leader and a door holder.
We have a 3 strike system.
3 strikes you are out, just like baseball.
Some days, 3 strikes means no video game time.
Other days, 3 strikes means mandatory nap time.
They know what they are working for each day.

Theodore is working on laying around.
He is doing well.
I am really enjoying teaching them, but I am quite sure that I could not do this full time!
It is perfect for our situation and for the summer!

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Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

LOL your dog is too cute and funny

Hope homeschooling goes well


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