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Family of Eyres
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Reason

Here is another reason why I love him.

As he was walking in to the clubhouse from the game...
He saw a kid with his dad, asking for autographs.

So, he ran back over and signed for them.
Sometimes, the guys are ready to get out of there.
The game is over.
They have been at the field for 12 hours.
And, while some fans may think this is part of what they SHOULD do,
it does take time out from his family.

But, you know what?

He may have just made this kid's day.

{Or his dad may be selling it on ebay, but we'll focus on the positive.}

Willie has had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people in baseball.

The impact he has had on kids has been remarkable.

One of these days, I am going to have to share some letters we have received.

I know he has felt equally as blessed as well.

We are truly fortunate!

1 comment:

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

I love ballplayers like your hubby....that was soooooo sweet of him doing that for that little boy

have a great weekend


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