Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well, our trip to see Willie is starting out with a bang.

The boys were very surprised when we told them that we were leaving to go see Daddy!
Parker was THRILLED and beyond smiles.
Jackson doesn't like surprises or changes.
His reaction wasn't as fun.
But, he is quite excited now!

Our first flight went great and I actually read an entire magazine!!

We landed and the second flight is delayed by about 2 hours.
This wouldn't be so bad, except the kids and I are used to going to bed EARLY.
Currently, it is 11:00, according to our FL time.

We don't leave for another hour now and these boys are still going strong after the ice cream!

And the spaghetti...which you can see caused me to have to purchase some spiffy Houston t-shirts for the boys.

We are missing our little girl though!
But, we are sure she is having blast with Grandma!
I wonder if she is bossing her around like she does to us?
So, we are scheduled to land at 1:00 a.m. and our little FL clocks will say 4 a.m.

The good news is that I am pretty sure the boys will sleep in for me!! Ha!
I better watch what I say or they will be up and ready to go at 5:30!

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