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Family of Eyres
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Counting Down

I bought this cute frame in the clearance section at Jo-ann's.

And I knew it could use some sprucing up.

When the boys and I were leaving California,
we talked about needing someway to countdown until the next time we see Willie.

So, first, I took the glass out.

And painted it with my chalkboard paint.
It took quite a bit of coats.

Then, I used paint markers to write the message in yellow.

And I took my spray paint to the frame itself, using this great turquoise
I have been itching to use.

And finally, with my chalk, I filled in the sleeps we have left until we are together again!
What a fun way to look forward to May!

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MegnHarry said...

That is the cutest thing ever! I wish I had half of your crafty brain!

The Butlers said...

That is such a cute idea Rachel! I might be stealing it from you sometime!!!

Taylin said...

Wonderful!! I like how you said "sleeps." That sounds like lingo that my kids would get.

Jake&TayB said...

This is adorable!! How creative! I am going to do that! :) So fun! Thanks for a good project! :)

Samantha B said...

Too cute!!!


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