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Family of Eyres
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prayers for the Davis Family

There is a family wishing to adopt a child from Russia.
This boy is named Kirill and he has Down Syndrome.
This is an amazing family who has opened up their hearts to what God is calling them to do.
And, all they want to do is have their son home.
All their son Clayton wants his brother in his own home so they can play.

After the months of waiting for Kirill to be allowed to come home, they finally received the call.
They had to go before a judge and their adoption attorney assured them that this is the final step.

But, the judge?
He ruled differently.

But when the ruling was read, the judge said, “Your application to adopt is rejected.”
The basis given was that Kirill was “not socially adaptable” due to his “medical condition” and he was better off in an institution than in a home with a family.
As the judge read her ruling, she stated several times that we were a good family, that we met all the criteria to adopt a child, but that she would not approve our adoption because Kirill has Down Syndrome.
She told us that we could adopt another child, because legally our application had no problems according to Russian adoption law.
She said she would approve our adoption for a “typical” child, but not this child.

Visit their blog to read the whole story. What an injustice this is for this child, for this family.
To deny someone a normal life simply because he doesn't fall within your own realm of "ordinary" is horrific.

I will continue to pray for them and for the judge's heart to soften.

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