Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


When Willie called tonight, I was pretty tired and out of it.
I told him "I'm getting married. No...not me, Parker."
Willie said: "You're getting married? Is there something we should talk about?"

Haha! No way!
{More husbands=more laundry.}
:=) is my Parker, telling me about it on video:

Consequently, if Marin wants to marry Parker, she will have to get used to a lifetime in the nudist colony. Parker has NO shame.
Our 10 year old neighbor boy came over to play and I was setting up the slip and slide.
Parker asked me if he could answer the door for the boy and I didn't even look up.
"Yes Parker. Ask him if he wants to play on the slip and slide."

Parker came outside to me and said "He said he had to go home now. And then he ran home."
I looked up at Parker, confused as to what just happened.
And my 4 year old is naked.

Oh jeez! So, I tell Parker to get his swimsuit on as I hurry to contact the boy's mom.
She laughed and understood but I was and still am totally embarrassed.

Maybe he will learn from this? Somehow, I don't think he got the message this time either.

So, Miss Marin...the nudist colony it is!!

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