Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

He's a baller!

Jackson is loving baseball! He works so hard when he is there!
I have been trying to get outside with him more and play catch but he is so busy that there isn't so much time for that!

Here he is, getting a hit in his last game:

He has really become so good at baseball. Though, I think he really like baseball Saturdays for the sunflower seeds and the friends at the field!

And Parker is playing tee-ball as well. He is still a work in progress. I think he would make a great DH, at this point. He LOVEs to hit. Everything is a homerun, according to him. And he isn't in a hurry to get to the next base.
So, maybe a homerun hitter would be best. This way, he could do his slow homerun trot.
And he wouldn't have to slide...

I'm glad they are involved in sports though! It's such a good thing for them to start playing and learning the fun in baseball, and soccer, and tennis. Maybe we'll try another sport next time?

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