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Family of Eyres
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alvin, Simon...


We have been in the process of adopting our newest family member from a local Rescue.
And, Saturday finally was the BIG day!

Our American Bulldog friend was given the name Theodore Von Dog from the Rescue agency who saved him from death row at the Miami animal shelter.
Theodore was hairless and at 25 pounds, severely malnourished.
In the 3+ weeks at Brooke's Legacy Rescue, he gained back his hair and 10 pounds.

He is a pure joy to our family.
He is calm and so good with the kids.
At 5+ months, he is housetrained, follows simple commands,
and sleeps on a pillow next to our bed at night.
{Or under the bed, when he feels like it.}
He LOVES to eat and catch a tennis ball.

And as you can see from this video, he puts up with a certain 2 year old's constant kissing...
and playing in his crate.
{Not to worry, I do not plan to crate my children.
Not yet anyhow.
Ask me again when they are teenagers.}
For now, we are enjoying our newest family member
and loving the dynamic he has added to our home!


Anonymous said...

I know yall are going to LOVE him, it just makes the baseball travel a tad more interesting ;-) Good luck to yall this season!

Chris and Tara Stanley said...

So cute! I love dogs! Hopefully I will talk my husband into getting one someday.


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