Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Miss

Lily was reading the blog and she wondered why we hadn't mentioned her in awhile.
And, let me tell you, this little one will NOT be forgotten.
She is sassy.

She folds her hands across her chest and tells me "I mad at you."

She thinks this will get me to cave in and allow her to do what she wants.

What is actually does is make me giggle.

And just as quickly as she gets "mad," she forgets whatever it was she was mad about.

Oh, and again, she wants to model.
I am afraid I better get her a model coach quick because this is what she did for me
when I asked her to pose for the camera:
{Quite the placement of legs}
And this one was next:
She is just darling, even with her "2-going-on-15" attitude.
She asks to go shopping and immediately takes off her own shoes
if she sees some she wants at a store. Ha!

And, if she comes to snuggle with one of us,
she immediately takes our hand and puts it on her back.
She wants us to rub her back!
So sweet!!

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