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Family of Eyres
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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Funny Story

So, this is a story that is a little embarrassing.

Not as embarrassing as the time I had to use some random person's RV bathroom on the side of the highway after eating bad food...but, funny nonetheless.

So, my mom had to have a procedure done and I was picking her up at the hospital.
She wasn't supposed to be done until 11:45 and I received a call from the nurse at 10:45 that she was going to be ready to go in 20 minutes!
I raced over to get her and walked into the back door, where patients are to be picked up.

I saw my mom laying in bed, her back to me.
She still had the oxygen in her nose and I figured that maybe she was taking a little longer to wake up from the anesthesia.
I rubbed her back and said "Hi mom! I'm here."
She opened her eyes and the nurse said "Good job. You got her to open her eyes."

So, I continued to rub her back
and the other nurse asked my mom if her husband Russell was picking her up.

Um...who is Russell?

The other nurse must have sensed my confusion and said "Who are you here for?"
I said "Janice."

She directed me over to the other side where my mom was fully dressed and smiling at me.

"Oh mom! I just rubbed some other lady's back and called her Mom. I'm sorry!"

We all laughed at my mix-up!

{In my defense, the nurses had asked mom earlier if her daughter was in hospital as well. This woman did look alot like my mom. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.}

1 comment:

Kevin and Katherine said...

Kevin and I were crying we were laughing so hard!!! And, actually I was laughing pretty hard before I even got to the hospital part of the story, remembering the random person's RV experience. And to think all of this is happening after you turned 29 for the third time.


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