Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daily Running

My Running Stats so far...

76.18 Total Miles

15 hours, 89 minutes= total time

3 lbs burned

229.43 TV's could be powered with my energy used

4.01 gas saved

64.65 doughnuts burned

It makes me laugh to think of how many doughnuts I have burned off.
Then, it makes me sad because I haven't had any doughnuts since I started running.

{Can that be true? No..I just remembered I had warm doughnuts at the Cider Mill in Michigan. Crap! I was really proud of myself. Oh well..those were SOOOO good!}

And the gas thing could be true, if I was running to pick the kids up from school or do my grocery shopping. But, I am simply running around the blocks or roads for fun.

And I have NO idea how the TV thing is calculated!

But..I do know that I have been working so hard and I am loving the running!

Won't you join me?

I use to track my progress. This is where I got all of these facts!

The site has been so easy to use and is my motivation for keeping with the running!

And better's FREE!!

So hop on and get to can log any of your workouts there, whether you run, or swim, or walk.
Maybe even hop scotch...I don't know...take a look!

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