Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I completed an 8K on Saturday!
I was excited to do it and again, it just left me looking for my next race!
(before the race..self picture with phone...I am a dork.)
I would love to do a half marathon in December or January, but the idea alone intimidates me. I think I will train for the half and see how I do.
(At the finish line!)
The route was beautiful and the weather was cool...perfect!
And Willie and the kids surprised me at the finish line! What a great day!

(Look at how many calories I burned (1239)...right in time for the Halloween candy!)

1 comment:

This Daddy said...

That is awesome on the run, Congrats, I am trying to do something like that, Maybe. Shoot, I am only at a mile now. Did you run the whole thing?

How is Willie enjoying the off season? Any offers yet. Remember, tell him to think Braves, Braves. Atlanta's not so bad.


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