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Family of Eyres
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something's Coming

So, Willie became a free agent on October 16th. I actually wouldn't have known the date but our insurance kicked out on that date, unbeknownst to me.
You see, we pay for insurance out of each paycheck for the entire year.
Yet, when he doesn't sign back with the team he is with, they automatically knock him (and our family) off of the insurance train and send a reimbursement check for what we paid.
We have planned on doing COBRA, as insurance is a necessity with 3 small children.

We have thought all along that we would hear from other teams in November, so imagine our surprise when we got a call 3 days after free agency began and then, we got a call the next day from another team as well.

That makes us feel so good. Willie's hard work is getting noticed and that is very gratifying.

We had said all along that our wish list for signing with a team is:
*FL spring training
*East coast big league team
*International League Triple-A, as they are mostly Eastern time zone.

I am not going to broadcast our signing until we have it all finalized, but, we have a new team!
And, though it may not have gone along with the wishlist we had planned, it certainly gives us opportunity and a new adventure. And we are thrilled!!

Stay tuned....


Mike and Meg said...

Grandma and Joani told us! Yahoo! We are so excited for you. Things just have a way of working out.

The Lutz Family said...

I'm just going to be selfish and throw it out there.... Hoping the Reds picked you guys up :) HAHA I need someone teach me all your cool sewing skills... AND I think you'd be pretty fun to hang out with!!!

This Daddy said...

Can you say Atlanta Braves????????/

Hello, we need pitching


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