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Family of Eyres
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Monday, July 19, 2010

School Shopping

In the few days, we are going shopping for school clothes.
The boys need some new things, as Parker will be in pre-school.
And Jackson will be in kindergarten.
So, we are going to do the clothing shopping here before we go home
so that it is one less thing to have to do when we do get back to FL!

Many of the public schools in our area have uniforms.
However, the school Jackson will be attending does not have them.

To which, my husband says: "Good. I wouldn't want him to have to wear a uniform."
And, I say: "I wish they had uniforms. It would be so much easier. And I love how kids look in uniforms."
{That may be due to the fact that I wore a school uniform for 8 years.}

So, what's your opinion?
Uniforms or not?
And why?

1 comment:

The Lutz Family said...

uniforms in high school made my life SOOOOO much easier! I can't imagine how many emotional breakdowns it saved me knowing I could just throw on a collared shirt and know everyone else would be wearing the same thing. Loved them!!!


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