Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crazy Busy!

We have been very busy with the start of high school baseball (Willie is pitching coach) and the kids sports (basketball and baseball).
Here is a recap of our month of January!
We spent New Years hanging on our street with friends. It was a fun time!
With the New Year came some changes!
We cheered on FSU as they won the National Championship!
The boys started basketball!
Willie and I celebrated 10 years of marriage! Woohoo!!
Lily started a new school, where she has dance once a week. She is so close to Bonita Springs Charter where I teach. This has been the greatest blessing so far!
Willie continued to be an amazing dad, painting Lily's nails one night after I put in her sponge curlers. She's so glamorous!
Parker continues to be a great reader. He has logged more than 200 books this school year. This stack is the books he has read but has not logged in yet! Yikes!
I was blessed to go to a school event with some of my favorite teacher friends. Our school is becoming a Leader in Me school and we were able to hear Ron Clark talk! He was so motivational!
What a blessing life is for us lately! We continue to hang on to any free family time we have together! Life is busy but beautiful!

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