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Family of Eyres
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Got Her!

This is the time of year where alligators are in full force out there. We seem to notice the most gators in March and April. Yesterday, we had a BIG one and had to call on it. (Willie watched it eat a bird on the shore...ewww!)
It took quite awhile for the gator control people to get here, but when they did, it was a show.
First, the man walked out, saw the gator and immediately called for back up. He knew this one was too big for him to get on his own.
The next guy came with a giant bow and arrow type thing?
They played the sound of baby gators in distress and the gator swam around. As soon as she got close, the first guy hooked her.
(Side note: The male OR female gator comes to eat the baby gators in distress, not help them like I thought.)
The gator grabbed onto the water system pipe in our pond and spun herself in it.
The guy got his rowboat out and went to the gator. They tried so hard to get her to unclamp on the pipe but she was drowning herself in the process.
They ended up having to shoot the gator in order to get her out.
This whole process took over an hour and a half and it was 9:00pm and dark out by the time it was all over.
The gator was an 8 ft long female! That is the biggest one we have had around here.

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Taylin said...

YIKES! So glad they got her out. :)


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