Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Earlier this month, I ran a 5K-Tara's Jingle Jog. We have participated in this every year since the beginning. In the past two years, Willie and Jackson have run it together. Jackson woke up with the flu so I decided I would run by myself.
I have been running 2.5-3 miles 4 times a week for the past few months so I felt this would be no big deal.
However, I didn't really think about the timing of my meals with my low blood sugar. I haven't had any problems in a very long time, but I do eat protein every 3 hours.
So, this was a very tough course, uphill, on rocks, very little flat ground.
I made it through half and felt my blood sugar drop quickly. I blacked out and fell into the grass.
I came back to and I was just fine after some oranges perked up my sugar levels. But, 911 had already been called. I had to be checked out by the paramedics.
Totally embarrassing!
I'm thinking of running another 5K...may need to give the Fire department a head's up! 😳

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