Family Of Eyres

Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crack Me Up!

So these little kids are hilarious!
Here are some stories:

1-We were going to a carnival at Jackson's school. 
We walked across the parking lot, where there was a rain grate. 
The kids know that I won't walk across those, since I am worried they may not be on correctly. 
I am weird. 
Parker was standing on one and said "Look Mom! I'm standing on this! Why are you worried ?"
Jackson: "Parker, Mom weighs a lot more than us. I mean..A LOT. 
So she may fall in if she stands on it."

{Nice Jackson! Thanks A LOT!}

2-I was cleaning out some drawers and came across a few pictures. Parker was with me.
Parker: "Is that me?"
Me: "Yes, and that one is Jackson."
Parker: "Holy cow! I had no idea I used to be fat!"

{HAHA! I LOVED Parker's chubby legs and cheeks!}

3- While looking through same drawer, 
we came across a picture of Willie and me on a date night right after Lily was born.
Parker: "Wow! Were you all teenagers there?"

{SO, evidently, we have not aged well in the past 3 years! Heehee!}

4- Not as funny, but still need to remember this one:
Parker and Lily were watching Max and Ruby on Tv.
An ambulance went by on the show.
Lily:{Yelling} "Parker, cross yourself! There's an ambulance!"

{Yes! They are listening!}

5- I had to sign an incident report when I went to pick Parker up from school.
An incident report is typically when Parker makes a poor choice or one of his friends hurts him.
This time, Parker was written up for KISSING a little girl!
Evidently, the little girl was not happy with his choice. LOL.

And in the above picture, they were deciding how to line up. 
Jackson said "Let's line up from tallest to shortest."

You can see they still have no idea that Parker is actually taller.  

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