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Family of Eyres
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Babcock Wilderness And Strep Throat

Willie's mom came to visit on Christmas Eve.
I am sure it was much warmer here than the Utah weather she was used to on Christmas! :)
Christmas Night, I became sick.
My throat hurt and my body ached.
It turns out, I had strep throat.

The next day, Willie's sister and family came into town and being the great hostess,
I stayed in bed, sick!
I finally felt well enough on Wednesday and we ventured out to Babcock Wilderness.
It was fun to be with family but Babcock was a bit of a disappointment this time around.
The cousins at Babcock:

By Thursday, I could see that Parker was sick.
Yep, strep for him too.

Friday, Jackson, Lily, and Peggy went in to be checked for Strep, as they were all feeling it!
They tested negative but were put on antibiotics anyhow.

Saturday night (New Year's Eve), Willie had a 102 fever and stayed in bed to start 2012.

We felt so bad! Willie's family came to see us and we were sick.
And we gave parts of the strep to each of a parting gift.
Sorry guys! We will be more fun next time!

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trooppetrie said...

i hope everyone is better now, i am new to your blog and just wanted to let you know i have enjoyed it this evening


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