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Family of Eyres
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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Baby is 3!!

I can not believe it!
My baby girl is 3 years old!
It seems as if time has certainly flown by once again.
{This is Lily on her 2nd birthday last year!}
Dear Lily Jane,
You are 3! You amaze your Daddy and me every day with your independence.
You are a little mommy around here. You like to take care of everyone and tell us what to do.
You have grown SO much over this past year!
You talk like a grown-up, using words like "actually," which tickles us to hear.
You say your name Yi-Yee.
You are potty trained, most days.
Other days, you are far too busy to be bothered with going on the potty.
You giggle so hard and it is so cute!
You have promised your daddy that you will laugh like this forever, and I am certain he will hold you to that promise.
You like to wear dresses and love the Disney princesses.
Currently, you tell us that you are Snow White.
You also pray nightly that God will let us go see the Princesses at Disney World.
You are a strong, independent little miss, my dear Lily! You want to make everyone happy and you want things done in a certain way.
You are sensitive so when you get your feelings hurt or get a boo-boo, it is a BIG deal!

We love you so much Lily!
We have been so blessed to be chosen to be your parents!
We sure hope we have made turning 3 extra special for you!


MegnHarry said...

I cant believe she's 3 either!!! Time really does fly by! Happy Birthday to a very special little lady :-)

Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!


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