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Family of Eyres
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Makes Me Laugh

I have taken a blog hiatus, as my Iphoto program is not working. No pictures usually equals a boring blog post! So, maybe a funny post will help!

I am trying to keep up with these kids funny stories! I am positive I have missed some along the way, as they make me laugh all day long!

1- The kids LOVE to play doggie. One is the doggie, one is the dog catcher, and one is something else...not sure, maybe another dog?
Anyhow, Lily was crying while they were playing and got her bossy self out.
She said: "No, I am NOT going to be the human. You be the human, Jackson!"
{Who would have thought being human was a bad thing?}

2-I told Jackson to take his shower before dinner one night, rather than afterwards. He told me "You are totally making my life worse." LOL!

3-I ran into Parker's room at 4 a.m. because it sounded like he was crying in his sleep. I shook him to wake him out of the bad dream. He told me "Mommy, I was laughing. My dream was hilarious!"

4. I brought Lily and Parker into the doctor for their well-check appointments and they needed a urine sample. Guess you was the lucky mommy who had to catch it from each child? Lily did tell me "I won't poop in the cup Mommy!" Um, thanks!

5. Parker asked us what the word "fat" meant. Willie told him it was when someone was bigger than other people. Parker thought about this and then shouted: "So, you're fat Daddy!"
We laughed at this, as Willie is certainly not fat, but Parker must have been thinking that Willie is taller than a lot of people. Coincidentally, Willie is now on a diet.
{So am I...and I am so glad he didn't shout out that I was fat!}

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MegnHarry said...

They are too adorable! Can't wait til my Addie starts cracking me up!


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