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Family of Eyres
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Parker is 5!

Time is flying by around here! Parker is 5 years old today!
He woke up to 25+ balloons on his floor.
{This was supposed to be a fun surprise since he wakes up before all of us! But, he woke up at 4 a.m. to potty and was so excited for the balloons, that he has been up ever since!}
He had cinnamon rolls this morning and we sang Happy Birthday!
He opened some presents.

And now, the balloons seem to be the best present he has ever had! LOL

My Dear Parker,
I have loved looking through pictures of you from the past year! You have grown up so much! You have lost quite a bit of those chubby cheeks we love to nibble on so much! And a more mature Parker has taken over the crazier one we used to know.
But, you still do it all BIG!

You love with your whole heart, speak with your whole voice, hug with all of your might, play hard all day, and sleep hard all night.

There is not much of a middle ground for you my dear! You do it all to the extreme! Your feelings of excitement or displeasure are always voiced. You truly live each day to the fullest!

You are hilarious...sometimes because you try to be, but often times, it just comes naturally for you!
We love you Parker!
We are so proud of you and love the crazy, funny, loving ways you bring us joy each day!

**We asked Parker what he would like for his birthday dinner.
His response: "What is something that Jackson DOES NOT like? It's my birthday, so he'll have to eat it."
He chose pizza and wanted to make it ALL pepperoni, since Jackson will only eat cheese.
We bought a cheese one too.
Such brotherly love...can't wait to see what Jackson chooses for his birthday dinner in December!

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